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WTC Foundation Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda - April 27, 2021


Board Meeting, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Visitor Center - Lunch provided


I. Call to Order
 a. Invocation
II. Recommended Action

 a. Approval of Meeting Minutes from October 27, 2020

b. Approval of Financial Report from February 28, 2020

III. New Business

 a. WTC Foundation INSPIRE Program Applications

b. Review of Board Member Terms

c. Election of Officers

d. Review of Board Member Contact Information

IV. Information and Discussion

 a. Director’s Report – Alex Phillips

b. General Update – Dr. Barbara Beebe

c. Discussion of Potential New Board Members

d. Information and Questions from Board Members

V. Next WTC Foundation Board of Directors' Meeting
 a. July 27, 2021
VI. Adjournment



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